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About Us

Accessible Yoga is an international grassroots organization dedicated to sharing yoga with everyone. Our non-profit organization is made up of volunteer teammates on seven teams. These teams plan and orchestrate the Accessible Yoga Conferences, and advocate world-wide as Accessible Yoga Ambassadors.

Accessible Yoga Board of Directors

Jivana Heyman
Swami Ramananda
Dianne Bondy
Cheri Clampett
Steffany Moonaz
Rudra Swartz
Priya Wagner
Sarani Fedman

Accessible Yoga Staff

Megan Zander
Brina Lord
Sarah Helt

Accessible Yoga Teams

The Accessible Yoga teams came out of our 1st conference in 2015 when so many people came forward to get involved in this movement. We now have 8 teams of Yogis working on all aspects of Accessible Yoga- we couldn’t do it without them! The teams are working on organizing the Conference, as well as our other activities- such as our social media awareness campaigns and Accessible Yoga celebrations around the world. Each team wrote a mission statement to describe the work that they are doing. If you want to be involved, please contact us!

Team Mission Statements

Logistics Team 
The Logistics Team’s mission is to support the planning and organization of the annual Accessible Yoga Conference (AYC) by locating venues, coordinating transportation, scheduling lodging for presenters and staff, and all other ‘behind the scenes’ details. We communicate with other teams to create a supportive, collaborative, and collective community. By meeting monthly and designating volunteer assignments, we strive to create a structure of systematic support that enables all teammates and attendees to thrive in their experience at AYC.

Inreach Team
The Inreach Team establishes and maintains communications with the participants that attended the inaugural Accessible Yoga Conference – the first Accessible Yoga Ambassadors! We are also connecting with and welcoming new Ambassadors who are registering for this year’s conference. Inreach is organizing all data to create a single system to carry Accessible Yoga forward as it grows.

Outreach Team
The Outreach Team supports Accessible Yoga by identifying and reaching out to individuals and organizations that share Yoga with communities that have been excluded or under-served. To support those individuals and organizations, we created and maintain a database of contact information. Outreach shares conference, scholarship, sponsorship and International information with this database, which continues to expand.

Scholarship Team
Working together in an effort to provide financial accessibility to yoga teachers and Accessible Yoga students combined, the Scholarship Team’s goals encompass inclusive communication with new and returning Accessible Yoga Ambassadors. We strive to offer a welcoming environment for new Ambassadors through open communication. We encourage all Ambassadors to get involved by sharing the goals of Accessible Yoga with their personal networks and beyond.

Fundraising Team
The Accessible Yoga Fundraising team is committed to financial accessibility. We raise funds from a diversified group of sources in order to strengthen the mission and network development of Accessible Yoga, and provide access to all who desire it. By conducting donor research to identify new sources of potential funds, we attempt to reach and engage external audiences, caring about building long-term donor relationships. Our fundraising efforts strive for a fundamental transparency practice that demonstrates accountability to donors.

Communications Team
Through collaborative efforts the Communications Team uses all forms of social media to reach the public on behalf of the Accessible Yoga Movement. We, as a team, post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our Accessible Yoga Blog in an effort to keep all our yoga connections up to date on what we’re doing, where, and how. In this digital age, the Communications Team plays a vital role in connecting students to teachers, teachers to institutions, and bringing Accessible Yoga to the world.

International Team
The Accessible Yoga International Team is dedicated to building a worldwide network of Accessible Yoga teachers and students. We engage yogis from all over the world to be aware of the great possibilities that yoga offers to people with disabilities or people that have been excluded from these teachings. By creating a strong network we learn from all the different circumstances in each and every country and support each other in spreading Accessible Yoga around the globe.

Advocacy Team
Advocacy, our newest team, came out of our last Conference, where we were inspired to work with disability rights advocates to speak up for inclusion within the yoga community. We are currently working on a campaign to expand the requirements of yoga teacher training programs to include training in Accessibility to make sure that yoga teachers are receiving proper training in this area.